Is Rotary a Good Fit?

Bring Your Leadership and Passion to our Club!

Long Beach Rotary takes pride in the efforts we have taken to continue to grow and enhance our club and its membership. We strive to include a diverse membership. Current club members span across over 100 professional classifications and include the presidents of major educational institutions, senior level officers in Long Beach’s major businesses, partners in leading law firms, executives and directors of fine arts institutions, top officers of city and county governmental organizations, members of the judiciary, many business owners and public affairs senior staff members. We seek to include the following member profiles:

Has sufficient capability to meet financial requirements of membership (initiation, quarterly dues and lunch meals)

  • Weekly program and meals are billed quarterly at the current standard rate of per $30 lunch. There are 46 meetings per year.
  • The initiation fee is $450, to be paid prior to introduction as a new member.
  • Annual dues are $760 (which covers Rotary International and District 5320 dues and club
    administrative costs) and prorated the first year of membership.
  • Members are expected to annually contribute at least $100 to our Club Foundation

Other Requirements

  • Not belong to any other service organization or another Rotary club
  • Attend on average at least 2-3 events per month (e.g., lunch program, committee meeting, fellowship event, etc.)
  • All new members are expected to turn their “Red Badge” into a “Blue Badge” by attending the information mixer, participating in one Rotary community service project, attending another Rotary club event, participating in the club meeting (either pledge or invocation) and being a greeter at the club twice                 
  • Know other club members
  • Active participation in at least one of our club committees

  • Centennial Insert Centennial Insert (5688 KB)
  • Long Beach Rotary Code of Conduct Long Beach Rotary Code of Conduct (50 KB)
  • Long Beach Rotary Fact Sheet Long Beach Rotary Fact Sheet (290 KB)
  • Membership Classification - 4/19 Membership Classification - 4/19 (168 KB)