International Service

International Projects

Long Beach Rotary has a commitment to International Service through its ongoing projects in countries around the world. Rotarians not only belong to a local club, but participate in efforts sponsored by the Rotary International organization.

Long Beach Rotary International Service Projects


Rotary Global Grant Scholar

Rotary International offers Global grant scholarships which are funded using District Designated Funds matched by the World Fund. Global grants are for graduate students studying abroad in one of Rotary’s six causes:
• Promoting peace
• Fighting disease
• Providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene
• Saving mothers and children
• Supporting education
• Growing local economies

The Rotary Club of Long Beach sponsored Suzan Al Shammari for the 2018-2019 year who was then selected by District 5320 and awarded the scholarship by Rotary International. Enjoy her mid-year report of her exciting year working on her MSc Security Studies at University College London.

  • Rotary Global Scholar Mid-Year Report Jan_2019 Rotary Global Scholar Mid-Year Report Jan_2019 (16979 KB)

  • Rotary Global Scholar - Final Report - June, 2019 Rotary Global Scholar - Final Report - June, 2019 (6062 KB)

  • For more information about Rotary’s global grant scholarship:


    Water Well Project, Mozambique

    In conjunction with many other Rotary clubs in Southern California and other locations, we raised funds and will coordinate drilling and deploying multiple new water wells in various communities in Mozambique. These wells will dramatically and immediately enhance the lives of the local people that will no longer have to walk hours each day for unclean water. They will now have more time for other productive and enjoyable activities with their family and community.


    7th Annual Golf Tournament for World Peace

    This annual springtime tournament is intended to raise awareness and funds for Rotary International’s program for World Peace. This is the fastest day any golfer will face with a shotgun format and a quick, but enjoyable, reception after shooting 18 holes. Fun awards/recognitions and very appealing opportunity prizes add to the camaraderie. Thousands of dollars are donated to the Rotary Foundation and Paul Harris Fellow points are also awarded to Rotarians for their participation.


    Angels Night to End Polio Now

    In 1985, Rotary International adopted a pledge to eradicate polio for all children in the world. Thirty-five years later, this dreadful disease seems to be restrained in all but two countries in the world. Clubs develop their own events or participate in district-wide events to raise funding. Our club participates in an annual End Polio Now evening at an Angels baseball game, which also includes a chili cook-off competition. It’s great fun and helps raise substantial funds for the End Polio Now efforts internationally.


    Polio Vaccinations, Mexico

    Each year, for more than a decade, many Long Beach Rotarians join other Rotarians from the United States and Canada to travel to Caborca, Mexico. The local Caborca Rotary Club welcomes the groups creating an opportunity for fellowship and lasting friendships.


    The Rotary Foundation

    Funding for Rotary International projects are handled through the Rotary Foundation. Our club participates in several local or district-wide activities to raise money for the Foundation throughout each year. One important event we’ve held to raise money for the Rotary Foundation is our Annual World Peace Golf Tournament, which is fun for participants and a great source of funds for the Rotary Foundation. Another important source is Rotary Direct that enables automated direct contributions from members monthly or annually to help the Rotary Foundation and
    earn Paul Harris Fellowship recognition.

    The Rotary Foundation also matches funds to benefit local projects and charities, such as "Reading By Nine" by buying books and learning programs for young children to learn and read.

    World Peace Fellowship

    As an important Rotary International goal to further world peace, our club has sponsored the Fellowship Scholarship for post-college graduates who wish to study abroad in programs designed to enhance good will and conflict resolution.

    Our club was also involved in the organization of one of five 2016 World Peace Conferences—the only one scheduled for the American continents that was held in January 2016 in Ontario, California. The event was very well attended by many political dignitaries, well-known entertainers and hundreds of Rotarians. The message of World Peace was shared among our local community, and continues to be shared through ongoing Rotary events throughout the world.