Rotary 101

A Rotary Club Lifesaver!

  • Don't just belong to Rotary
  • Get engaged. Become a Super Rotarian
  • Get your club involved in Rotary 101
  • Creating a club full of Super Rotarians

What is Rotary 101?

  • A program designed to help club members evolve from “ho-hum” members to Super Rotarians
  • An easy-to-follow format that provides new knowledge, enthusiasm, and participation for new and old members
  • An interactive way to re-energize past presidents with the current, newer membership
  • A system that introduces all members to the legacy and strength of Rotary International

Why Rotary 101 in our club?

  • It’s a great way to help our members “get” the significance of Rotary International
  • It brings unity and understanding of purpose to all members
  • It is a new way to have fun and better enjoy Rotary membership