Rotary 101

What is Rotary 101?

Rotary 101 is a program designed to help new club members to become acclimated to the Rotary Club of Long Beach.  As one of the largest 50 clubs out of 35,000 Rotary clubs in the world, we recognize the need for newly introduced members to have a practical next step that will help them become more connected and more oriented with our vast club.

We also find that the more a new Rotarian becomes connected to the club, becomes involved in some way in some fashion, and develops new friendships along the way, the more the value of being in Rotary.  At some point in a new Rotarian's journey, they will have their own "Rotary Moment", a time when they realize how much they are part of a worldwide movement that truly is making a positive difference in their respective communities and throughout the world.

What are the objectives of Rotary 101?

  1. To become more acquainted and connected with other new Rotarians and with other Rotarians.
  2. To become more acquainted and connected with our vast club and Rotary-at-large.
  3. To become involved and actively engaged in Rotary relative to one's time, talent and/or treasure.
  4. To have a program that is easy to maintain and is easy to pass off to future leadership.

Is Rotary 101 for you?

If you recently joined the Rotary Club of Long Beach, the answer is a resounding "YES"!  If you have been in the Rotary Club of Long Beach for awhile and re lacking connection, feeling like you are on the outside instead of the inside of the club, the answer is a resounding "YES"!  To enroll and to get going in the course, please contact the club administrative office at 562-436-8181 and/or

The mission of Rotary 101:

To provide a solid first step for new Rotarians as they enter the world of Rotary.

When a new Rotarian joins the club, they will begin receiving emails from club Past President Gregory Haeseler (, inviting them to attend the next monthly session of the Rotary 101 program.

Per the attached syllabus, each monthly session covers a different aspect of our large club.  At each session there will be other new Rotarians attending.  A new Rotarian can expect to have an opportunity to become more acquainted with their peer Rotarians.

As this steady group of new Rotarians attend each monthly session, they will become more and more aquainted with each other.  They will also learn how the Rotary Club of Long Beach is organized into its Avenues of Service along with its respective committees.  Eventually, it will become clear to the new Rotarian where they can best serve given their respective time, talent, and/or treasure.

The overall Rotary 101 program is fluid; new Rotarians can join anytime.  The only cost is the cost of spending time with others and developing acquaintances.  For more questions about the course, please contact the Rotary 101 program facilitator, Gregory Haeseler at or 562-594-1425.

Rotary 101 Syllabus

  • Rotary 101 Class Syllabus Rotary 101 Class Syllabus (193 KB)