Is Rotary a Good Fit?

Being a Rotarian is more than just attending meetings.  It can be a life-transforming experience by being part of a solution to address some of our world’s most serious challenges.  Joining a service club means something different to everyone; however, Rotarians who serve find they are fulfilling an important component in their own lives by helping others.

Is Rotary for me – Rev July22-2

So, is becoming a Rotarian a good fit for you? Consider what you can expect if you join Rotary:

  • Rotary clubs are organized by “Avenues of Service”. Each Avenue with its respective committees covers the key service areas of the club. You can expect to identify which Avenue fits your passion by serving on one or more committees each year.
  • When you join Rotary, you will receive a badge that is coded red, a.k.a. Red Badge. You can expect to turn your “Red Badge” into a “Blue Badge” by completing a list of tasks that are designed to help you become connected to our large club and its members.
  • Although attending meetings every week is no longer required by Rotary International, you can expect to attend at least 2-3 Rotary-related events per month (e.g., lunch programs, committee meetings, service projects, fellowship events, etc.). The more you attend such events, the more you will connect with others and develop strong Rotary friendships.
  • You can expect a financial obligation each year. Annual dues for FY 2020-2021 are $760, which covers Rotary International dues, Rotary District dues, and our overhead (Executive Director, part time Administrative Assistant, office space, etc.). When you join our club, there is also a $450 application fee that helps pay for our overhead. Once in-person gatherings are allowed, the cost of lunch is either $35 at the door, or a significantly less amount via a prepaid meal plan. There is a minimum lunch program charge of $15.00 at the door, even if you do not plan to eat. Lastly, you can expect to make monetary donations to our local Charitable Foundation that supports local programs and/or to the Rotary International Foundation which supports lifesaving/changing projects around the world. All amounts charged for dues, fees and meals are subject to increase. The prices listed above are accurate as of the date of this document.

If Rotary seems like a good fit with you, you will be joining 1.2 million other community leaders and civic minded people around the world who think the same.  And if you do join and become an involved Rotarian, you will understand why so many stay and how you too are making the world a better place.