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Grant Award Amounts to Community Organizations (since 1996)

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The Rotary Club of Long Beach (RCLB) is the oldest service club in Long Beach and among the top 50 largest Rotary Clubs in the world. Founded in 1917, the RCLB is comprised of approximately 300 of Long Beach’s business and community leaders. RCLB is dedicated to service, friendship, diversity, integrity, leadership. To make a difference in the Long Beach community, the club focuses on youth and education.

To celebrate its first 100 years, the Rotary Club of Long Beach funded two legacy gifts: the Storytime Theatre and Children’s Literacy Area in the newly-built downtown Main Public Library, and the creation of a 3-year curriculum, Teaching Ethics to Kids, for the LB United School District Middle School students.

With the motto Service Above Self, Long Beach Rotarians work together to create positive lasting change in their local community and in the world.