The New Member Orientation Sessions are designed for those new members who were recently introduced to the Rotary Club of Long Beach.

The purpose of these sessions is to give the new member a broad overview of the following topics:

  • The club’s budget and what our annual $760 membership dues go toward;
  • How the club is organized including the club’s leadership structure and how leadership is formed;
  • How Rotary International (RI) is organized including RI’s leadership and how leadership is formed;
  • A brief review of the 3 foundations, its leadership and how we contribute;
  • A brief review of our website and the data it provides;
  • A review of where are the opportunities to serve and get involved with the club.

Another key objective of these sessions is to help new members to become more acquainted with each other. Business cards are exchanged for the purpose of setting up lunches with each other and with other Rotarians in the club.

The overall goal of the New Membership Orientation Sessions is to be a solid first step to help any new member to the Rotary Club of Long Beach to become more acquainted and more connected. We find that the more the acquaintances and the more the connection, the more the value of membership and the more likely members will become lifetime Rotarians.